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All about Companeo

Replies to all your needs within 48H!

Companeo provides free supplier quotes and/or information without obligation within 48 hours of your request by Companeo Experts.

Save time at each step of the supplier selection process:

  • Your requests are forwarded only to reliable, hight quality suppliers.
  • Our experts verify your selections to ensure that only Companeo Agreed Suppliers that satisfy your criteria will contact you.
  • Those suppliers will contact you within 48 hours to provide information, an appointment, quotes or personalized proposals.
  • You'll find all your past and present requests for quotes under "Your account" along with contact details of Agreed Suppliers who have replied to your requests.
  • You can find suppliers for all your professional needs on Vehicles, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Finances, IT & Telecoms and Equipment.

Companeo provides this service free of charge and without obligation to SME's, self-employed professionals, retailers, associations, joint production committees and local communities only.

Let Companeo Experts guide you through your supplier selection!

Companeo's experts are at your disposal free of charge on 0808 168 8945 to guide you in your search for suppliers. They are intimately familiar with all products and services offers as well as the Agreed Suppliers best positioned to satisfy them.

Our Experts will quickly identify offers and suppliers that match your commercial needs and budgetary constraints.

Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions. Our Experts are here to help you, for free!