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All about Companeo

A free service with no obligation!

Companeo guides you through your supplier search free of charge and with no obligation:

  • Access to Companeo Agreed Suppliers is free.
  • Advice and assistance from Companeo Experts is free.
  • Transmission of Agreed Suppliers' contact details is free.
  • Creating a personalized account on is free.
  • Whether or not you enter into a commercial relationship with a Companeo Agreed Suppliers you pay nothing to Companeo.

Companeo doesn't charge you anything!

So how does Companeo make money?

  • 100% of our turnover is generated from Agreed Suppliers who pay Companeo for connecting them with potential customers (users).
  • This remuneration is linked to communication actions Companeo conducts with users.
  • This approach guarantees Companeo users total independence in their selection of suppliers.